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Hello optical world. Absolute Digital Optical Lab is here and ready to show you a new look in service and quality. Please leave a comment or email.

Can the BIG E get any deeper into your pockets?

As if it was not bad enough,Eyemed joined the ranks of VSP dictating how your patients are taken care of. Now they have a lens to go with the frames. So where does that leave the rest of us, do we feed the other giants and wait for them to dictate too. If you are truly tired of not running your own business and would like to see changes happen, what are your plans to grow, expand, and deliver a service that separates from the mundane and repetitive order filling that happens in the corporate world.







VSP in CVS, What does that mean to y.o.u.?

Here is an article that comments on VSP now going direct in CVS. Not only will they compete directly, they will dictate your reimbursement and underbid, and sell the same product cheaper. Can the independent compete with the same company who sells direct?


Let me know your thoughts.  Who is next to compete, Walgreen’s, too late already have pilot store in Chicago.  How do you overcome this? Better education for staff? New laws that redirect patient care to doctor choice?

What are your thoughts on Vision Insurances? Helpful to ECP or harmful.

Vision insurances, do they truly support ensuring a patient gets a quality product and fair service, or is it a means to dictate the market. Depending upon who you speak with, but most in the industry would admit is ultimately controlled by larger corporations. I would like your thoughts on this topic and get a general consensus on where the independent market lays with this topic.

“Swap It” Is No Longer Available From Absolute Digital Optical

Absolute Digital Optical is now a partner with Swap It Eye wear. We have college logos and interchangeability.

Swap It AOA promo sheet

Ask How you can get your own display and be able to offer a unique, interchangeable product. It offers a lifetime warranty.

Absolute Digital Optical New Lab Facility

Good Evening

We at Absolute Digital Optical Lab are proud to announce, we are in our own facility FINALLY. Please contact us on taking a tour, and seeing how Absolute Digital Optical Lab can support taking your office to the next level. We believe through relationships, education, and passion;  a business will excel. The staff at Absolute Digital Optical Lab wish to support any aspect from insurance, new lens technology, and of course speed of service. So, give us a call, visit our Facebook page, or drop by.


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